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Can you imagine life without Gerorge and THE BEATLES?

I took this at the Premiere of "HELP". George And the Fabs live on in the most treasured memories, along with their unforgettable, rich repertoire. I once played the same red Les Paul which George is playing in the Let it Be/Get Back sessions, the one I thjnk EC used for his solo on "Gently Weeps..." Serene-dipity... I watched the final race of The 1984 F1 season with him. How did that happen? His wife Olivia was sat behind me 2 days after John had been shot at an event hosted by our guru in common, Prem Rawat.. She invited me to visit.

My sisters once took this American girl, whose dad had brought her over to UK to "see where the Beatles lived", to George's house in Blackhills, Esher, close to where we lived. They ended up having their picture taken with the gardener...who turned out to be George! The photo was very blurry because the father was so nervous...

Ain't it funny how some of the most famous people on the planet are amongst the humblest? I am deeply grateful to have spent time with such a gentleman. This picture is featured in my book "Lap Of Honour - a Photographic Journey With Sir Stirling Moss" because George loved motor racing. Moss described "the quiet Beatle" as "...a truly lovely person." Amen..

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