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I love having my preconceptions blown!

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

I'm not a "jazz fan" . I;ve only been To 2 jazz gigs in my life , Anf The first by accident. I happened to be At Ronnie Scott;s Supproting A Friend in "the support act" when Art Blakey wzas the Main course. I was captivated by his love of what he was doing, So to recieve a mate's brand new "jazz" album and to enjoy it as much as I did, was a minor revelation.Ciyo Brown moves in both jazz and reggae circles, and I much enjoyed this while driving around this weekend. Some songs you'll know such as Beatles' "I will" and Bread's "Make it Woth you." , and some you won't .All feature Ciyo's surprsingly good voice ( didn't even know he Sang ) and stellar guitar, Reminded me of early George Benson, Thanks C, See/hear you soon...

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