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Welcome to the website of Timeless Tim - musician, storyteller and “Renaissance Man”. 


His tale is richly laced with unlikely encounters with legends - like passing his guitar back and forth with Jeff Beck, trading licks and grins as the band played on; or receiving calls from his first hero, racing ace Sir Stirling Moss, telling him jokes you’d never tell your mother… 


Born of well to-do parents who wanted a trophy son, he failed to convince a panel of Oxford dons that he even knew the meaning of the word “Philosophy”, let alone wanted to study it. Instead, inspired by the guitar players he loved, like Clapton, Hendrix, Beck and Peter Green, he taught himself the intro to Jimi’s “Hey Joe”,  and never looked back. He dropped out of “the system,” spent a week in a band with Freddie Mercury, played Purple Haze at The Houston Astrodome, and toured the world playing at events hosted by a major guru from India. All in the name of “finding himself.”   


Bob Marley said “If I'd been educated I’d be a damn fool”. Tim was duly re-educated as the “token white” member of The Black Theatre Coop with whom he toured, simultaneously playing lead guitar for top reggae artists Winston Reedy and Tyrone Taylor. His own live show has been described by Blues In Britain magazine as “a breathtaking fusion of Blues and Reggae”. He has  played over 2000 gigs in the last 20 years, and christened “King Of Bleggae”


He has worked with the best on both sides of the Atlantic, written songs with the likes of Grammy winning producer Narada Michael Walden, and  had his song “Cry For Love”  featured in an award-winning Bob Marley documentary,   “The Making of a Legend”, produced by Bob’s former girlfriend and photographer, Esther Anderson.  


In 1998 he revived his boyhood passion for motor racing photography, and with the help of Sir Stirling Moss, created a book, “Lap Of Honour”, which was shortlisted for “Telegraph Illustrated Sports Book of The year 2020.”  He is currently setting the book to music, with help from eminent petrol-head musicians such as Nick Mason, and Elton John’s former drummer, Charlie Morgan.  


Britain’s best kept secret, ‘Timeless ‘ Tim  is working on a wealth of new, material.  


Watch this space!  

This is what people say about him:  

"The Van Morrison of Bleggae (Blues-Reggae)" Chris Kimsey - Rolling Stones Producer


“Excellent. Best I’ve heard for some time.” - BILL WYMAN, former Rolling Stone. 


“He’s a very very good musician. A natural. We want to see him playing the big venues…” ESTHER ANDERSON, actress, film-maker, former girlfriend and iconic photographer of Bob Marley. 


“A damn good guitarist. If you bump into the Pope, pass him this link…“ THE RT. REV NICK BAINES, Bishop Of Leeds.


“I enjoyed that. Very different. “- The late SIR STIRLING MOSS, Motor Racing Legend  


“You sound great.  I love all that Albert Collins,  Albert King stuff you play.” - JEFF BECK, Guitar legend. 


“You Know Me By Heart” is a top drawer pop ballad, and deserves a major cover.” - DAVID STARK, President of SONGLINK International.  

“If I wanted a reggae song I would go to Tim. He’s a master of the genre.”PIP WILLIAMS, legendary record producer ( Moody Blues, Status Quo, Kiki Dee ) addressing aspiring songwriters at BASCA.  

“It’s a f****** classic.” The late BARRY MASON, hit songwriter ( Rod Stewart, Elvis Presley, Barbra Streisand, Tom Jones, etc.) on hearing Tim perform his song “If I Ever Get Home.” 

On THE LAGAVULINS,  Tim’s whisky and blues band : 

”The Lagavulins can fill any venue with whisky-loving music and whisky-loving people. People ask me all the time when they'll be returning.”  - GEORGE MICHIE -,Manager, Soho Whisky Club.  

Thank you for such a wonderful evening. The music and the running commentary on the drinks was most excellent. “ -MAAJID NAWAAZ, LBC Political commentator,  Co-Founder and Chairman of  Quilliam - an anti-extremism think-tank.  

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